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Marcus Bondi

Aussie Bodies Ambassador Marcus Bondi is an official Guinness World Record holder, trainer, athlete and all-round nice guy. It’s not hard to see why his YouTube and Instagram channels attract so much attention: this man’s physical feats are seriously impressive! His expertise makes him perfect as our Aussie Bodies training guru so stay tuned on social to get great training tips from Marcus.

Marcus can often be spotted working out at Sydney’s beautiful Bondi Beach, incorporating calisthenics and bodyweight training techniques to keep his lean, strong body in tip-top shape.

Here, Marcus fills us in on why he loves training outdoors, how he fuels his workouts, and what gets him out of bed in the morning.

  • What does an average week’s training look like?
  • Training is about physical culture. Being outdoors and part of the daily sunrise is a beautiful and priceless gift that everyone can enjoy, so I try to train every day at sunrise and sunset. I focus on high intensity body weight and calisthenics strength and agility training. That means lots of pull-up and muscle-up and push-up variations and hill/sand sprints!
  • Are you currently training for something in particular?
  • Yes, I am training to break the Official Guinness World Record for weighted pull-ups within a 60-second time limit, with an 18kg backpack. It’s fun to play around with different strategies and weights to optimise my performance!
  • How do you fuel your workouts? Do you stick to a particular eating plan?
  • I have an Aussie Bodies Protein Revival prior to every training session and every world record-breaking attempt. I was depending on Protein Revival years before I had any official connection with Aussie Bodies – Strawberry and Vanilla are my favourites! I also have a very fruit- and vegetable-focused nutrition plan. And lots of water, all the time!
  • What’s your favourite food?
  • I love all types of fruit, especially mangoes and apples and bananas, as well as Aussie Bodies Protein FX bars!
  • What’s your favourite Aussie Bodies product?
  • Well, I always have a good supply of Protein FX bars and Protein Revival on hand – they are my workout buddies!
  • How do you relax?
  • By lying down flat on a yoga mat in the sun and having a stretch, then doing some meditation. Ahhh, lovely!
  • Do you have any big new projects coming up?
  • As well as breaking World Records every year at the National Fitness & Health Expo, I am working on launching new YouTube and Instagram channels – my current ones have had over 20 million hits!
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning?
  • The energy-inducing anticipation of being a part of this planet’s phenomenal daily sunrise. Heaven.
  • What’s your biggest “sinful indulgence” food that you wish you could kick?
  • Thanks to Aussie Bodies Protein FX bars and Protein Revival, my ‘indulgent’ foods are not ‘sinful’ – so I’m very happy about that, for sure!