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Harriet Brown

Age 27

PROFESSION World Ironwomen Champion, Exercise Physiologist

  • Secret passion/ i.e. are you artistic, like cooking etc?
  • I play the Violin
  • Guilty Pleasure
  • Ice-cream
  • Favourite Food
  • Breakfast! I can’t just pick one food.
  • Favourite Beverage
  • A Banana Protein Smoothie
  • What helps you get up on those early mornings to train?
  • When it’s cold, dark and I’m tired, it’s sometime hard to get up in the mornings. I love racing when I’m fit and at my peak, so training and getting up early both my motivator and a necessity if I want to be my best. I’m also motivated by breakfast! After training, breakfast seems so much more satisfying.
  • Do you have a fitness goal?
  • My next goal is to reclaim my Surf Ironwoman Series title over the summer season. In July I also am crossing the Molokai to Oahu channel on a paddleboard . This is a big goal for me as the 52km distance alone is a huge mental and physical challenge. I also like to set mini challenges for myself. My latest challenge I have come up with is to see how far can swim under water.
  • What are you doing to achieve it
  • I train up to 3 times a day, 6 days a week. Training consists of swimming, board paddling, ski paddling, gym, running and Ironwoman training. Training starts at 4:30am in the pool and my afternoons are spent in the surf. Training is challenging and I am tired often, but I absolutely love what I do and am lucky to call the beach my office.
  • Deepest fear
  • Definitely sharks. I’m in the wrong sport for that. And also disappointing people.
  • Describe your perfect Sunday
  • I would try my best to sleep in, then I would walk over and go for a dip in the ocean. I would come home, make a delicious breakfast then catch up with friends for coffee. I would do an activity with friends during the day, then maybe go to the fruit and vegetable markets and then make a slow cooked roast for dinner and relax. I love it when I am able to do a ‘no car Sunday’.
  • What are you known for amongst your friends
  • Ask them they’ll enjoy telling you all my quirks
  • Interesting fact that no one knows about you
  • One of my feet is a size and a half bigger than the other
  • Why do you value nutrition
  • I value nutrition because when I eat well it makes me feel great. Good food allows me to train hard, concentrate during the day and race well too. I also just love eating good food!
  • Secret to balancing health, social life and work/study
  • I’m still working on this one as it’s a challenge to fit everything in all the time. I think making a plan is the best way to do this. I schedule in training, work and also social occasions into my week. I also make sure I have some down time to rest and relax.
  • 5 items always in your shopping basket
  • Almond milk, Natural yogurt, Bananas, Avocado, Eggs

Monique Craft

Age: 24

PROFESSION Health and Fitness professional

  • Secret passion/ i.e. are you artistic, like cooking etc?
  • Studying, I’m a little secret nerd! I am always researching something and constantly learning! I also love attending fitness courses, events and seminars! Hearing dietitians, sports scientists, motivational speakers and public figures speak!
  • Guilty Pleasure
  • M&M’s Crispy Chocolates
  • Favourite Food
  • Nachos!
  • Favourite Beverage
  • Red Wine and Kombucha (not together haha)
  • What helps you get up on those early mornings to train?
  • In short. Goal Setting, prior planning and being prepared!Put your workouts in your diary like they are important meetings you’ve scheduled with yourself. Bosses don’t cancel!The night before I lay everything out, my workout clothes, runners as well as have my Aussie Bodies protein Shake and breakfast ready to go. I normally commit to meeting a friend at the gym or bootcamp, so there is no reason for excuses!!A handy tip I also have is that, I set the most annoying alarm on my phone and plug my phone into a power point away from my bed, so when the alarm goes off I’m forced to jump up out of bed to turn it off, and BAM I’m up!!
  • Do you have a fitness goal? What are you doing to achieve it?
  • I currently have Plantar Fasciitis which has stopped me from running, entering half marathons and fun runs, for months.
    I’m currently seeing a physio and doing a rehab program to get me back running at the pace and distance I was before, so my current fitness goal is to smash another half marathon before the end of 2017. I love running!!But that is NO excuse for me, so I find other ways to train and better my health and fitness that don’t negatively affect my injury. Each day I set myself little fitness goals for my sessions… eg, Last week I was doing 8 unassisted chin ups, today I’ve got to do 10. This helps me constantly grow and improve myself to become fitter, stronger, healthier and happier every day!!!Whilst I am a qualified personal trainer myself, I still pay other trainers to train me and schedule workouts with fit friends, so I’m constantly learning off others and being pushed to new limits!This also keeps me motivated and accountable!
  • Deepest fear
  • I’m a surfer and my deepest fear out in the water is not actually sharks, its hitting the reef, my board or a sand bank and injuring myself! Being held under for too long also holds some deep fears.On the land my biggest fear is definitely spiders!
  • Describe your perfect Sunday
  • Sleeping in (I’m up every morning at 5am) followed by a morning coastal walk or bushwalk, breakfast and coffee in a café, adventuring under the sun, hitting the beach, the surf, and spending time with friends, family and my boyfriend!
  • What are you known for amongst your friends
  • Being the fitness freak! Haha!
  • Interesting fact that no one knows about you
  • Whilst most kids had a pet dog growing up, I had a pet pig! I had a pig obsession haha!! So for my birthday I begged my parents for a pig!I named him George!
  • Why do you value nutrition
  • Nutrition is so important! It’s the aspect of your life that truly makes you feel alive! Health is true wealth! Good nutrition leads to longevity and greater mental health.
  • Secret to balancing health, social life and work/study
  • Balance can be hard, and I’m known to be a bit of a workaholic… but I have to make sure I allow time for myself as this Balance is the key to sustaining a great lifestyle, it’s the key to maintaining a healthy weight and a great mental space.My secret is I do love wine and pizza; I do love watching Netflix and lying in bed being lazy – I’ll preach it. I preach to all my girls the importance of Balance, because without it you see binging, diet and exercise plans abandoned and unhappiness!I preach that a healthy relationship with food and exercise needs to move beyond weight gain, beyond fat loss, beyond fitting into an ideal. View your food and workouts as a means through which you can attain and sustain a healthier body that allows you to do more, laugh more, move more, love more and play more.Eat to fuel your body and feel awesome. Sweat to smile more, to reach new goals, and make yourself proud!Enjoy your treats, your nights out with family and friends, and balance those times with healthier times!Life is meant to be LOVED!
  • 5 items always in your shopping basket
  • Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate, Oats, Eggs, Sweet Potato

Marcus Bondi

Aussie Bodies Ambassador Marcus Bondi is an official Guinness World Record holder, trainer, athlete and all-round nice guy. It’s not hard to see why his YouTube and Instagram channels attract so much attention: this man’s physical feats are seriously impressive! His expertise makes him perfect as our Aussie Bodies training guru so stay tuned on social to get great training tips from Marcus.

Marcus can often be spotted working out at Sydney’s beautiful Bondi Beach, incorporating calisthenics and bodyweight training techniques to keep his lean, strong body in tip-top shape.

Here, Marcus fills us in on why he loves training outdoors, how he fuels his workouts, and what gets him out of bed in the morning.

  • What does an average week’s training look like?
  • Training is about physical culture. Being outdoors and part of the daily sunrise is a beautiful and priceless gift that everyone can enjoy, so I try to train every day at sunrise and sunset. I focus on high intensity body weight and calisthenics strength and agility training. That means lots of pull-up and muscle-up and push-up variations and hill/sand sprints!
  • Are you currently training for something in particular?
  • Yes, I am training to break the Official Guinness World Record for weighted pull-ups within a 60-second time limit, with an 18kg backpack. It’s fun to play around with different strategies and weights to optimise my performance!
  • How do you fuel your workouts? Do you stick to a particular eating plan?
  • I have an Aussie Bodies Protein Revival prior to every training session and every world record-breaking attempt. I was depending on Protein Revival years before I had any official connection with Aussie Bodies – Strawberry and Vanilla are my favourites! I also have a very fruit- and vegetable-focused nutrition plan. And lots of water, all the time!
  • What’s your favourite food?
  • I love all types of fruit, especially mangoes and apples and bananas, as well as Aussie Bodies Protein FX bars!
  • What’s your favourite Aussie Bodies product?
  • Well, I always have a good supply of Protein FX bars and Protein Revival on hand – they are my workout buddies!
  • How do you relax?
  • By lying down flat on a yoga mat in the sun and having a stretch, then doing some meditation. Ahhh, lovely!
  • Do you have any big new projects coming up?
  • As well as breaking World Records every year at the National Fitness & Health Expo, I am working on launching new YouTube and Instagram channels – my current ones have had over 20 million hits!
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning?
  • The energy-inducing anticipation of being a part of this planet’s phenomenal daily sunrise. Heaven.
  • What’s your biggest “sinful indulgence” food that you wish you could kick?
  • Thanks to Aussie Bodies Protein FX bars and Protein Revival, my ‘indulgent’ foods are not ‘sinful’ – so I’m very happy about that, for sure!